Snacks & Sharing


Pigs in blankets with honey mustard & crispy onions (gf) £7.50

Paprika fried chicken, spring onions, chilli, garlic mayo (gf) £9

Warm Scotch Egg, French’s mustard & piccalilli £7

Crispy chilli beef, peanut, sesame & chilli salad (gf) £8

Honey & chilli glazed pork belly, pickled ginger (gf) £8


                                      Torched sardines, parsley salad & toast (gfo) £8.50

                                        Salt & pepper squid, saffron & garlic mayo (gf) £9.50

        Scampi, whitebait, battered cod goujon, mushy peas & tartare £9.50


Roasted black pepper tofu skewers, panko tempeh & satay sauce (vg,gf) £7

Courgette & sweetcorn fritters, broad bean & pea fritters and saffron mayo (vg,gf) £7.50

Hasselback potatoes, blue cheese sauce, roasted hazelnuts, crumbled Binham blue (gf) £7

Smoked cheese & truffle polenta fries with rosemary salt (vg,gf) £7


Baked honey mustard Camembert, roasted fig, soda bread & chutney (gfo) £9

                    Deep fried Mozzarella sticks & Brie pieces with chilli jam (gf) £8.50

   Norfolk cheese plate, chutney, biscuits (gfo) £9


Burgers & Fries


Bacon cheeseburger, pickles, relish, fries (gfo) £14.50

Paprika fried chicken burger, hash brown, American cheese, garlic mayo, fries (gfo) £14.50

Moving Mountains vegan burger, hash brown, cheese, kimchi, chilli jam, fries (vg) £14



                               Fries with Maldon salt (gf) £3.50

                                                Fries with onion gravy & crispy onions (gf) £5

                                Fries with barbecued jackfruit & smoked cheese (vg,gf) £7.50

                                     Fries with confit duck leg, hoisin, spring onions & chilli (gf) £8